Why Learn to SEO your Website?

Some people will say, “Why pay for a DIY SEO course? The same information can be found free on the internet.”

Let’s deal with that…

SEO techniques may be available on the internet but I’ve never seen anyone teach these specific techniques in depth.

But that doesn’t mean the right SEO information isn’t out there, and there’s a good chance that each technique can be found on a web page somewhere but do you really want to spend years looking for it? Do you feel confident that you can sift through all the bad SEO advice – and the out-of-date advice – and find the needles in the haystack?

Face it, if you haven’t got £2k or more per month for a reliable, experienced SEO then my course is your next best option, believe me… there isn’t an in-between option that will meet your expectations!

Why this DIY SEO course is different from other courses

yes  Because I’ve successfully ranked websites since 1996. Providing a professional SEO service to clients for over two decades gives me some credibility so, if I write a detailed course about SEO then it stands to reason I might be saying something that you need. Something that’s not easy to find elsewhere.
yes  It’s written for the lay person to understand and, apply it to their web site. I don’t use technical terms when I talk to clients and I don’t use them in my course either. Every lesson talks your language.
yes  Its detailed information is second to none and proven. Proven because I use these techniques every day and I know they work, you’ll improve your rankings too if you read my SEO course and learn from it.
yes  Is it value for money? Yes, but feel free to go anywhere else and I know you’ll be disappointed.
yes  The Fresh Bananas DIY SEO course is not a “lead generator course”. A lot of the DIY SEO courses out there don’t actually provide all the information you need, they tailor the information so that you find yourself frustrated and getting nowhere. The expectation is that you might contact the SEO company and end up paying them to do the work for you simply because,  their course doesn’t offer all the right information.
yes  For £197… you will not find better value for money anywhere. By all means go and try and I’ll see you back here shortly.

What’s on offer through the course

Full access to all course materials which include…

yes 65,000 words detailing On-Page SEO techniques that you can do on your website
yes Purpose made, quality videos with full sound, explaining techniques in detail
yes Bonus 1 – Comprehensive guide to the best practice for building links for your site
yes Bonus 2 – Access to Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques to help convert visitors into customers
yes From only £197 + VAT for 12 months access (that’s just £16.42 + VAT per month)

Effective, long lasting rankings don’t come free – but can come cheap!

This is NOT a link-building course, it’s an On-Page step-by-step DIY SEO course devoted to teaching you all you need to know, in order for you to be able to optimise your web pages yourself and get your products and services ranking highly on Google.

Extensive, reliable and simple-to-understand information on proven optimisation techniques is presented to you through easy-to-follow modules that include images, text explanations and videos to show how you can easily optimise any page of your website and push it upwards for ultimately page 1 rankings in Google.

Who needs this SEO course…

yes You, if you don’t have the big, online marketing budgets that most ‘brands’ have
yes You, if you are a start-up business and going to trade online
yes In fact, anyone who is selling or who intends to sell products or services through a website

Why will this course benefit you…

yes Because you’ll learn how to choose the most sensible keywords for your product or service
yes Then how to optimise your web pages for those keywords and rank for them, and…
yes Successfully turn more of your website visitors into customers

You can learn at your own pace, in your own time and in your own space, there’s no pressure whatsoever!

What members are saying about this online course

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