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If you’re like most online businesses you’ll be…

  • trying hard to keep the business lights on
  • wondering how to get more traffic
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If this is you then read on!

Learn How to Get Found Online

The Fresh Bananas DIY SEO Course has broadened its horizons and is now an evolving Online Marketing Course written specifcally for you and is packed with essential advice, tips and techniques to make you understand what you need to do to “keep your business lights on“!

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The FREE Course is just that – FREE.  Simply sign up for your FREE account and get access immediately (no inside leg measurement or bank details required), you’ll see enough in the FREE course to know if the FULL course is for you. This isn’t some worthless free incentive though; it’s packed with genuine, usable stuff that you can put to work for your online business today.

Here’s what just one of our many delighted customers had to say:

‘This course has been absolutely brilliant. A real eye-opener into the world of SEO. The modules are broken down in a simple and easy-to-understand way and if there is anything you don’t understand first time, there is always help at hand from the support team, who are excellent. 100% recommended!’  Victoria – RapidOnlineTrading.co.uk

Some comments

…I landed competitive keywords on first and second page of Google without any links!…

Lajos – SeedParade.co.uk


…Now, a few short months later, the hard work put into this course is paying for, for my website, and for my customers…

Andrew – 603Copywriting.co.uk


…At last a proper step by step course written in a language that website owners and builders can understand…

Paul – PaulandTerri.co.uk


…Even I have managed to pick it up (and I didn’t have a clue initially). And the best thing is ….. IT WORKS !!!…

Sarah – BloomingFelt.co.uk


…Within days, one product in particular has far exceeded my expectations, and has, in itself encouraged me, and staggered me!…

Terry – TJReiki.co.uk


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