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Every web server (and therefore every website) installs cookies in your browser. These cookies make a log of what pages you choose to view on the website. They will also tell the website what date and time you visited the site, and what your IP address is. Beyond that, we do not know anything personal about you. If you choose to sign up for our website optimisation training, then obviously we will find out a little bit more because you’ll voluntarily give us your name and email address, but that’s it. does use cookies for this purpose, but there’s absolutely no way we can access any personal info through a cookie unless you specifically provide us with the details (such as when you sign up to the newsletter), and the information we can get doesn’t tell us anything about you. We’ll only use the cookie data to figure out which pages are the most popular, and which pages maybe need a bit of work to make them better. Neither will we send you any correspondence of any kind following your registration of interest other than to let you know of any updates regarding progress of the course.

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