About Ray, Author of the Fresh Bananas Course

A Comprehensive Marketing Course Written Specifically for UK eCommerce Websites

Me… in a nutshell

Born in LIverpool and lived in a rough neck of the woods for 22 years. Always wanted to do a community based job that helped others in need of help, when they couldn’t help themselves. After two years of repeated applications I finally got a job in Cheshire Fire Authority. Worked there for 19 years at the tough end of the River Mersey until pensioned out due to an injury sustained at a fire.

A short time after registering as unemployed I was asked by a close friend to create a website for a catering company, I did not have any experience at all about websites but thought I’d give it a go.

The website I built was for two young chefs just starting out in business and within three weeks it had landed at the number 1 ranking position on a range of UK search engines, this was in 1996, prior to Google appearing in our midst. That ranking result netted the chefs a number of catering contracts with some major brands, MBNA, Jaguar, M & S, Land Rover, The Prince’s Trust and many more.

My phone started to ring and kept ringing.

Here’s some comments from clients I have worked with over the following years and what they’ve said about me.

In 2014 I made the decision to document my knowledge about SEO and put it all in an online course for the benefit of eCommerce site owners who’ve never had a decent, workable marketing budget.

Updates since 2014

Since 2014 I’ve brought onboard the UK’s best online marketeers that I know of and have added their particular expertise to my own to create this online marketing course for the benefit of all UK online shop owners who offer their services or products online.

Now here’s the rub so to speak. I have provided the expertise you need to succeed in my course but what I can’t provide is the time and effort you need to read, digest and apply the techniques to your own website.

Thanks for reading

Ray Field.