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A Comprehensive Marketing Course Written Specifically for UK eCommerce Websites

Serp Tool Simulator

This is my SEO Serp Tool below. It’s a part of my eCommerce marketing course that I decided to make available to the public. It’s extremely easy to use and its purpose is to show you how your ranking result will look when seen in Google’s search results.

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Enter your text in the 3 boxes below. Your page title, the full url of your page along with its meta description. As you type you’ll see how Google will display your own Serp Listing in its results below.

Note: This SEO Serp Tool is meant to teach you to write and create titles and meta descriptions that engage with potential visitors to your website. Your ranking being shown in Google’s search results is your very first sales pitch so make sure you maximise what you write so you stand out & attract them to click on your listing.

See bottom of this page. To help I have shown 2 examples below the Serp Tool which demonstrate effective use of this tool and poor use of this tool.





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