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Google Serp Tool Simulator

There’s a Google SEO Serp Tool Simulator below. It’s a part of my online marketing course that I made available to the public. It’s extremely easy to use and has 2 purposes.

  • Shows how your own ranking will look in Google’s search results but far more importantly.
  • It’s meant to make you understand how important it is to know how to use this tool effectively to increase the number of visitors you get.

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Common title and meta description problems

The most common problem many site owners make is that when they start writing their titles and meta descriptions for their category or product pages the wording they use is similar to how they’d write a letter. This writing style is something we all do by habit but it’s absolutely not fit for the objective we’re after and that is precisely why I created the SEO Serp Tool above.

When you rank on page 1 of Google

You’d expect to see visitors coming into your website and the higher up page 1 you rank will bring more visitors in. But did you know that by being more creative in the words you use for your SEO serp snippet can bring in significantly more again? This obviously depends on how creative you are and remember it’s only 3 small lines of text but… it’s your very first sales pitch to your potential customers in Google’s search results. You own a website so sell to them and that begins today!

How to use the SEO Serp Tool properly

Easiest way to show you how to use the SEO serp tool is by example so I went to Google and got a really bad serp example, an everyday average serp example and a couple of excellent examples too. In essence…

  • Make sure both the title & description contains your keyword. How you do this varies slightly between them but in essence place the keywords towards the beginning of your title, verbatim and somewhere within the description which doesn’t need to be verbatim. Failing to use your keywords in the description could result in Google not using it at all.
  • IMPORTANT – Always keep in the back of your mind that this is your first sales pitch, visitors come to your web site after reading the wording in your ranking serp in Google so you need to use your USPs & benefits here but keep them short and punchy as you’ve very little space. When they arrive on your web page that’s your second sales pitch.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action, especially if you can make it time sensitive and make sure you get your call to action visible in your serp snippet.

There’s actually quite a bit more to writing your search snippets but as they are your first sales pitch I believe that it is fundamentally important for you to get this right.  Want to learn more? Sign up for the course now.

A really bad Google serp result

The 1st example is a very poor sales pitch to potential customers searching in Google for a car detailing service in Kent. Yes, it does mention car detailing and it’s in Kent… but that’s it.

A mediocre Google serp result

The 2nd example is an improvement because at least it’s explaining more about the product in the meta description. The words “Office Furniture Direct” in the title is not helpful at all and wants replacing.

Two very well thought out Google Serp Results

The 3rd example is very well written. It’s selling a product and has lots of calls to action as well as a price benefit for potential customers. The writer has also created a clear urgency in his use of words to help gain more clicks on his ranking result, than the other competitors on page 1 of Google.

The 4th example is selling a service not a product. It’s exactly the same service in the same UK county as the 1st example but this one is a world away from his competitor, the 1st example.

This 4th example uses all the right words. First off, he’s using words in the title related to what his potential customers are using to find him in Google.

He uses the word Stunning in the title, the words Passion, Expertise and Professional in the meta description. He increases your expectations of what you’ll get.

He tells us he offers three different services, Detailing, Valeting and Ceramic Coating – Notice his use of capital characters too, all written in a way to stand out, and it does.

He’s selling to us and it’s a Great Example of a Sales Pitch in Google’s results.

That’s the main purpose of using the SEO Serp Tool above.