History Behind the Fresh Bananas Course for eCommerce Shops

A Comprehensive Marketing Course Written Specifically for UK eCommerce Websites

A bit of background history

After 2.5 years of preparation the Fresh Bananas online SEO course was opened on 4th October 2014 spanning 60,000 words, helpful images, links to ‘must-have’ tools, videos and more. For me, SEO is very easy to understand and apply to any website, I do it every day for clients but I understand that to others, like yourself,  who own a website – it may not look remotely easy at all. That’s precisely why I created this course.

From the start the objective was to document in detail my own approach to how I SEO a client’s website, list everything I look at and how I edit what the client has given me into something that I know will rank well when finished. I was also aware that the majority of you who run your own websites would struggle if I delivered a course steeped in technical jargon, so to keep it easy to understand, with no confusing jargon, I employed a qualified English teacher, who ensured that the entire course content would be understandable to everyone.

In early 2015 I invited a guest writer, a professional sales focused copywriter, to create a unique and detailed guide, now a 4,000 word module in my course which explains how to improve sales by using words and phrases in your website copy to increase engagement with your visitors. He has a style and manner in his copywriting that encourages the reader to stick around, the longer you have visitors looking around your website; the closer you are to selling more of what you offer. It’s a must read!

In July 2016 I created a 21,000 word module dedicated to eCommerce online shop owners so that they can get a grip on what they can do when creating categories and product pages. It’s packed with detailed information that spans every important aspect of categories, sub-categories, product pages and how to manage them in order to attain the best rankings possible.

In January 2017 a new module was written by an expert in Local SEO that details all the techniques on how to get the best out of targeting a local customer base.  So if you’re a builder in Birmingham, a cake shop owner in Cardiff, a restaurant owner in Rhyl or an accountant in Accrington, whatever your skill and wherever you work, this module is for you.

And, in 2019 I contacted Matt Isherwood who’s an expert in helping eCommerce website owners to understand how to design thier own online shops from a User Experience point of view. Matt’s written a number of books on this topic and is an accomplished expert in his field of marketing around the UK.

Access to the online marketing course is via a one-off payment through the popular Paypal system, and once paid you will have full access to the videos, additional notes and images that relate to every module throughout the course. Note: You do not need to have your own Paypal account.