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The cost of my SEO course is £197 for 1 year

When you’re looking around for costs associated with SEO you’ll have found that it can cost anywhere between a couple of hundred £’s a month, to many thousands of £’s a month. Where do you start? Who should you take onboard? If you’ve not got solid recommendations to help you, then you’re on your own. How do you know if they will do what you are expecting? Or even what they’re promising they’ll do for you? SEO, no matter what the cost is, is never a guaranteed service, or shouldn’t be.

The SEO industry is filled with freelancers and digital agencies all offering SEO in some shape or form. The costs for SEO services are just as widely different as are the skills for SEO but probably, the only common denominator here between them is that 90 % of these freelancers and agencies are poor performers. How can I make that wild guess? Because of every single new enquiry that I get, the person on the other end of the phone has used ‘done the rounds’ with SEO. They’ve used half a dozen freelancers / agencies in the past and not found the results they expected. That can be a massively expensive cost for the SEO services.

Costs between Freelance SEO’s and Agencies

Have a look here at an article I wrote a few months ago on the topic of Freelancer SEO’s versus Digital SEO Agencies – the cost difference can be huge between the two but the one thing they have in common is that most of them don’t offer a fully satisfactory service to most of their clients and, being honest it’s been agencies that I’ve found to be the most common culprits in giving a poor SEO service, despite their clients forking out thousands of £’s a month for a professional online service that’s simply not being delivered.

So, why get caught up in that mess? Try my course and if you don’t like what you see within 7 days, I’ll give you your money back.