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A Comprehensive Marketing Course Written Specifically for UK eCommerce Websites

Here’s Some Course Reviews

Hi, here’s just a sample of reviews from customers who’ve either been through my course or are still working in my course. Not a lot I can say about this page, it’s well… just a review page after all. Enjoy a read.

An excellent course 

Starting a business on a limited budget meant I couldn’t afford to pay an SEO company to work on getting my website ranked high on Google. I can’t remember exactly how I happened upon the Fresh Banana’s course but I’m glad I did. The course is easy to follow with both written and video modules, but most importantly, it easy to follow, even for someone as non tech’y as myself. I’ve already seen my site go up in Google rankings after implementing changes learnt in the coursework, and I now have a plan of action as to how to continue working and improving it. As with anything, you get out what you put in, commit to this course and you will succeed. 


I landed competitive keywords on first page of Google 

A really good course covering all you need to know about SEO. I landed competitive keywords on first and second page of Google without any links! Fresh bananas rock! All you need is on-site SEO! And the telephone support from Ray alone worth the money and more!


Now you can do your own SEO

I’m a self-employed start up and could see all the benefits of ranking well organically but thought it was something i would have to manage without. Free sales leads that is. I just accepted high ranking websites were for the big boys who could afford to pay agencies. Enter – the do it yourself SEO course you read, watch and can apply with confidence it’s the right thing to do. Highly recommended


This course is excellent!

If you are looking to ‘SEO’ your own website, then this is the course for you. Covers everything you need to know about on-page SEO and more besides. Ray is great and the one-to-one time is invaluable. He can provide insights and help specific to your own site, which is great

A big thumbs up from me

Fantastic SEO course for experienced and new users some fantastic tips and advice and will do wonders for you if you follow the course.



I have found this course to be an invaluable source of information and help. The videos have been a fantastic help as I am a visual learner and found the demos of great value. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants layman terms on how to seo their own website.


Successfully improved rankings

Complete novice at SEO, however found the course interesting and easy to understand. Have managed to implement advice on my magento site and successfully improved rankings and have confidence can progress further with a bit more work. Useful info on online tools to use as well.


I highly recommend this course

Fresh Bananas diy SEO course is laid out in step by step, easy to understand bite sized lessons. The syllabus is best followed as laid out, but what was great was to be able to go back through the modules after I had finished and use it as a reference. The creators have given lots of examples along the way and the videos compliment the text perfectly.
The support received from Ray was very helpful, Its good to know that the authors are there ready to help, Thanks Ray.
If you are looking to apply SEO to your own website I can highly recommend this course.


At last – a proper step by step course

What a breath of fresh air the Fresh Bananas course has been.

At last a proper step by step course written in a language that website owners and builders can understand. Ray Field has taken the time and trouble to create a course based on years of work in the murky subject of SEO. No “snake oil”, “quick fix”, “buy your way to the top” methods just grass roots means and methods needed to SEO our website and gain quality traffic.


Highly Recommended

 As someone with a background in SEO, I wasn’t convinced that Fresh Bananas was the right fit for me. A quick call later, and I was convinced this course would help me sharpen my skills.

Now, a few short months later, the hard work put into this course is paying for for my website, and for my customers. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for SEO advice that actually works. 


Simple and easy to understand

This course has been absolutely brilliant. A real eye opener into the world of SEO. The modules are broken down in a simple and easy to understand way and if there is anything you dont understand 1st time there is always help at hand from the support team who are excellent. 100% Recommended!


I have recommended it to many people

Easy to follow, packed with essential information, a real bargain. I have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so.


Fresh Bananas fixed it & now we are hitting page 1

Finally an SEO who knows what he is doing. My site was in really big trouble, most of it caused by cowboy SEO’s i’d used in the past. Fresh Bananas fixed it and now we’re hitting page 1 in a very competitive industry.


Gave me an amazing insight to the world of SEO

The Fresh Bananas SEO Training Course has gave me an amazing insight to the world of search engine optimisation. After been let down several times when trying to optimise our website I decided to take control myself to give me a better understanding. The SEO on-line manual teaches you in easy to understand terms and makes the training easy to follow. From meta descriptions, title tags, links to conversion rates its all starting to make sense.


Went from #14 to #4 in days

Using just what I learned in module 5, I took an IT support client’s website from #14 to #4 for their main keyword. 


Makes those all illusive Google Ranking, seem simple!

A very good course, simple to understand. I did have to read through it several times before actually making a start on mysite. Now I dip in and out, using it as a reference tool. I have no doubt, if I implement what is in the course, it will work.


Highly recommended and worth every penny! 

An excellent on-line SEO course that I would highly recommend. Each module is well explained and easy to understand. Although I have managed my own website for a number of years I was never confident that I was choosing the best keywords. Since enrolling with Fresh Bananas I have learnt the huge importance of good keyword research and how to implement those keywords into my web pages. Worth every penny! 

A course worth a lot more than it costs

I found the course to be a very in-depth explanation of SEO – exactly what I was looking for. Points I have always wondered about were cleared up after reading the first few modules of the course and I found myself learning things I’d never heard about as I read through the bulk of the material. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn how to do their own SEO and wants a knowledgeable source to learn from. In fact, I’ve already convinced a friend sign up and another will likely be following suit soon!


Now about half way through and learning a lot

Before starting the course I had a helpful chat with Ray. Now about half way through and learning a lot. The course is well written and easy to follow. Videos help explain the more complex aspects. Very pleased.