Costs of a UK SEO course

Surely I don’t need to add the cost of an SEO course to my budget because all the information I need is out there for FREE – I hear you say? Well, whilst it is certainly true that there is a lot of information out there, it won’t take you long to realise that most of it is contradictory, outdated, superficial and, in a lot of cases, wrong.

For just £197 (that’s only £16.42 a month), why not grab all the information in this UK centric SEO course and save yourself the time and stress of trying to sort out the good from the bad. Or worse still, save yourself the very real threat of doing harm to your website through using tactics and techniques that will get you into trouble with Google.

Course duration

You pay £197 and for that you’ll get FULL access to all the course content, including videos for 12 full months.

Just 3 of many…

“This course has been absolutely brilliant. A real eye opener into the world of SEO. The modules are broken down in a simple and easy to understand way and if there is anything you dont understand 1st time there is always help at hand from the support team who are excellent. 100% Recommended!”  Victoria

“The way that the course is structured and written just cuts through all the jargon, myths and bs so often associated with SEO which means even a non-techie like me can really get stuck in and produce well written and highly optimised content in a logical, no-nonsense way.”  Paul

“I highly recommend this course. The modules are really well written and easy to follow. It really covers every aspect of seo and straight away pointed out for me some very silly mistakes that I had made on my website.”  Ashley

*Support – Please note that this facility is purely to provide you with technical support should you be having any difficulties accessing the course content or videos. It does not provide you with SEO support for your own projects.

Now we’ve got that one out of the way, here’s what you’ll get from the Full course:-

Full Course Access – to all the course contents, including videos for the duration of your subscription.

Bonus 1 Link Module – As mentioned this course is specifically aimed at On-Site SEO, however we’ve included a section explaining how to go about creating links for your website. Written by Robb Sands, an expert in Off-Site optimisation.

Bonus 2 CRO, Conversion Rate Optimisation Module – We’ve also included a module on the best practices to ensure that when you get visitors to your site, you maximise your chances of converting these visitors into paying customers. Written by Steve Gibson, an individual that we know has proven himself, time and time again in this field.

Bonus 3 YouTube Video Optimisation – Fully detailed module on how to get your promotional videos ranking highly on YouTube from an expert who knows how to do this.

Bonus 4 Social Media Marketing – An in depth module covering everything you need to know to run a successful social media campaign to improve the sales of your online shop.  Written by Sam Flynn – The Social Media Success Maker.

Plus – In the unlikely event that you’ll need additional access to the course once your course subscription has expired, you can easily gain additional monthly access to the course on a month by month basis.