Learning eCommerce SEO Means that You Have to Get Stuck In Now!

A Comprehensive Marketing Course Written Specifically for UK eCommerce Websites

You need my eCommerce Course but I Need Something Too

I need you to have basic web skills so that you can confidently make changes to parts of your online eCommerce shop. By the word “parts”, what I am referring to are areas within your website like titles, meta descriptions, page headers, page copy, image alt tags, rename urls if needed etc, etc.As sometimes happens you might find that you need to make a change to parts of your website that are outside your skill set so, if you do not know of a trusted person who can accomodate you, then drop me a line and I may be able to make a recommendation to you of someone who can help during those times.

Something else I need from you. The time, you, your partner, son or any other trusted person involved in your business needs to give in order to spend the time to read, understand and apply what you learn from my course and, above all, to have commitment. If you can’t or are not willing to provide these, then don’t join my course. I only want winners and winning with my course comes straight from you having these three factors below.

The final thing I need is perseverance. I need you to embrace this course and take it seriously, like a dog with a bone! I don’t know if you’ve got determination or not but you will know and, if you haven’t then save us both some hassle, don’t buy my course.

Basic Web Skills

Almost all of this entire course is about teaching you what to say and where, on your web pages to say it. It can be incredibly small, simple changes to wording on a web page that can pull your keywords from page 3 to page 1. Yes, I’m referring here to weak, low competition keywords but if you’ve got a lot of product pages across your website then the bulk of those pages will sit behind low competition keywords, that’s a fact. Can you provide this skill?

Time to Learn

You, as the online shop owner may be the only person that is intending to do all the eCommerce SEO work yourself.  I really do understand that running a business and being the sole source of product updates, sales, making sure that your site is always available online, being the main tea maker and the sole provider of energy, enthusiasm and every drop of perseverance. You’ll be finding that hard, to say the least.

Have you considered your options? Have you got someone else in the business who you can assign to do this work? It doesn’t matter who that is, sister, son, mother, daughter, next door neighbour or head bottle washer, it matter not as long as you can trust that person to capably and diligently set about this course work and let you focus on your business.

Perseverance & Commitment

Don’t start this course without knowing that your intention is to see this course through 100%.

I have course members who seem to ‘live’ inside the course which gives me great pride to see but others, for their own reasons don’t seem to put much time into lessons.  I have done all I think I can to make this course ‘sticky’ and over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing course members regularly come back and renew their membership again but I can’t please everyone I guess.

I can’t tell you that the course is a quick and simple read but I can tell you that I’ve written it in plain, simple English and deliberately avoided the use of more technical terms because you don’t need them. It’s written so that what you need to understand is blatantly clear to you and if you have any confusion over any aspect of the lessons then drop me a line and I’ll gladly explain things to you in a way that you grasp.